iGolf Floating Cup Tour

The Floating Cup Tour is run the same way as the FedEx Cup tour the pros get to play. Each week there is an 18 hole tournament that can be played anytime during the following 2 weeks. Members gain points based upon their finish in each tournament using the same point system as the FedEx cup. The top 24 make the first round of the playoffs with the top 15 advancing to the iGolf Club championship.

The season starts Nov 1 and ends with the iGolf Club Championship in April on the weekend of The Masters tournament. You may join at any time throughout the season but your odds of making the playoffs increases with the number of tournaments entered.


There will be 2 majors during the course of the season with increased point values, cash prizes, and a trophy to put your name on. You must have an iGolf Handicap to qualify for a major which requires a minimum of three indoor scores posted.

Tour Rules

  • There is no League Entry Fee.
  • $40 per tournament entry fee when you play your round (includes normal sim time fee).
  • Handicap scoring based on your indoor scores posted at iGolf.
  • You are not required to play all tournaments.
  • It's never too late to join! A top 3 finish one week goes a long way towards making the playoffs.
  • Major tournaments require 3 league rounds posted prior to the event.
  • Weekly Closest to the Pin competition.

2 Man Best Ball - 9 Hole

  • $25/wk green fees
  • There is a 10 week Fall season from october through december and a 12 week winter season from january through the week of The Masters.
  • 2 person team best ball
  • Handicapped scoring based upon your indoor rounds posted at iGolf
  • Handicap qualifies you for Major Tournaments
  • Wednesday night Tee Times. If you're unable to make it on a wednesday night you may play your round at another time. Normal greens fees apply.
  • If you don't have a partner we will match you up with other players.